Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharpen your memory with custom scented candles

We all forget things sometimes. It happens, and for a variety of reasons like not getting enough sleep, stress or anxiety, along with simply getting older. But there are many ways to improve your memory.

For instance, did you know that taking a one-hour power nap can dramatically increase your brainpower up to 40 percent? And neuroscientists from Northwestern University have concluded that listening to sounds while you sleep will help your brain retain information because your brain is still learning while you snooze.

And, of course, our favorite way to sharpen your memory involves personalized custom scented candles which happen to make unique Valentine's day gifts. Sure, we've all heard of aromatherapy, but researchers from the University of Queensland, Brisbane learned that that the smell of freshly cut grass stimulates the portion of the brain related to memory called the hippocampus.

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