Monday, November 29, 2010

Learn a little about Lumnique!

Lumnique was founded to offer our customers a more intimate, gift-giving experience. We provide an avenue in which they are able to venture and explore candles with personal consideration and care at the point of their creation. Our goal was to bring new life and meaning to the simple giving and receiving of a scented candle.

The process of making and burning scented candles has been a part of life for generations; from our basic need for light to the many rituals and customs people exercise today. We tried modernizing this candle-making arena by building a forum in which our customers are able to partake in this experience by creating their own.

Each of our Lumnique personalized scented candles is initiated, tailored, and hand-poured for a unique purpose, dictated to us by our customers. Three elements are variable; the symbolic meaning of the candle, the color, and the fragrance—each one tied to a special, specific meaning. Our Lumnique customers are the true creators. Beautiful, unique candles are the end result.

We encourage you to imagine, create, share, and enjoy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enjoy Thanksgiving with a delicious holiday candle!

Our suggestion, the always delicious Ginger Bread Man Candle.

Intention: Happy Holidays- to wish you a very happy holiday season filled with joy and love.

Color: Espresso- representative of earth; home; the outdoors; reliability; endurance; stability; simplicity; comfort.

Fragrance: Brown Sugar- the staple of every holiday cookie, Brown Sugar's dark, rich, sweet scent will remind you of treats fresh from the oven.

Click to personalize for a very special friend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Birthday Candle-Perfect for Chocolate Lovers!

Introducing the Lumnique Chocolate Candle! Take a look at more personalized scented candles here!



Friday, November 12, 2010

November Birthdays!

Is it just us here at Lumnique, or are there a lot of November birthdays this year? If you've got lots of special friends with very special birthdays, why not give them beautiful personalized scented candles? You can choose from our fantastic selection of customized candles or you can build your own and tailor it to their favorite colors and fragrances!

Our suggestion:





Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get Well Candles

Lumnique Candles presents custom candle gift ideas for wishing the best. Give a personal get well soon gift by building one today. You can customize your gift by selecting among many choices of color and scent.

We suggest the Serene Slumber Candle!

Intention: Healing- to soothe and relieve physical, emotional and/or spiritual imbalance.
Color: Pure- representative of self-protection; purity; sincerity; truth; peace; simplicity; cleanliness; precision; youth; all that is good in life.
Fragrance: Lavender Blossom- timeless and tranquil, this sweetly fragrant floral calms and relaxes.

Shop the Get Well Candle Collection today for the best in personalized scented candles!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Candle gifts for him!

Lumnique Candles presents custom gift ideas for a special man. Give a personalized memento by building one today. You can customize your gift by selection among many choices of intention, color and scent!

Our suggestion:

Intention: Passion- to infuse daily life with energy, vitality and enthusiasm. 

Color: Jade- representative of wealth; growth; celebration of earth and nature's provisions; good luck and prosperity; healing; balance; health' renewal; youth; vitality; generosity; fortune. 

Fragrance: Rustic Woods- like a walk in the woods, this earthy scent fuses pine, bark and citrus for a soothing, spicy experience.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've got a new look!

Check out our new and improved website- just in time for the holidays!

With Lumnique, you can shop our fabulous collections of pre-made scented candles or build your own personalized candle. Choose your intention, fragrance and color and let your creativity soar!