Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrate Valentine's Day Lumnique-style

If we were to create our own special unique Valentine's day candles gift set for a special someone, what would it look like?

For blossoming romances, our Valentine's Day candles gift might look like this:

INTENTION: Love; to open your heart to the offerings of love
COLOR: Bliss; representing love, romance, affection, healing the heart, togetherness, better relationships, friendship
FRAGRANCE: Magnolia, softly sweet, this light floral scent drifts gently across the air like your walking on cloud nine
GIFT SET: Standard, includes Lumnique personalized candle and customized certificate
PERSONAL TOUCH: The world is a better place with you in it!

For lasting romances, our Valentine's Day candles gift might look like this:

INTENTION: Valentine's Day; to express how much you mean to me; wishing you love and happiness today and always
COLOR: Fire; representing excitement, energy, strength, health, vitality, courage, power and will-power, enthusiasm, overcoming obstacles, passion, speed, all elements of lover throughout your life
FRAGRANCE: Rose; pungent and passionate, this classic scent fills the air with sensuality
GIFT SET: Deluxe, includes Lumnique candles gift box, a Lumnique matchbox and customized certificate
PERSONAL TOUCH: You mean the world to me!

Create your own Valentine's Day candles gift set at and show that special someone just how special they are to you.


  1. Well put!!! I love scented candles!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This is the best romantic gift for some one. And also personalized candles just make some one feel special.
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