Monday, January 3, 2011

Richley scented candles require fire safety

On Christmas Day, The Telegraph reported that a woman and her two-year-old son were rescued from a fire that was started by a candles gift with custom scented candles they thought had been put out. In light of this incident, it's important for all users of richly scented candles to exercise fire safety when using their personalized scented candles. Here are some tips for you to consider than next time you light up your candles gift:

1. Avoid using richly scented candles near combustible items such as hair spray or cleaning chemicals. If the flame is accidentally exposed to any such items, the combustible item may create a possible explosion creating a big fire in mere seconds.

2. Avoid dangerous placement of custom scented candles such as near a vent or window drapes. According to home fire statistics, placement of scented candles near everyday items such as pillows and bedsheets or curtains and blinds are most likely to catch fire by scented candles. And don't always assume that placement near a window is okay because a light breeze can easily blow it away. On the contrary, a draft can easily reach the flame and cause a fire. How do you think forest fires spread so quickly?

3. Trim the candle wick as often as you can to keep the flame in check.

4. Place the scented candle on level surfaces that won't catch fire easily. For instance, if you're using a wood surface, consider using a metal candle holder to reduce the chances of a fire breaking out in your home.

5. Never leave a scented candle aflame unattended. Avoid using your richly scented candle for prolonged periods of time, and always make sure to put out the candle before going to sleep or leaving your home. The last thing you want to wake up to in the morning is a fire caused from a candle that melted through its container because you forgot to put it out.

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